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QUIDOS animation by category

Lots of Quidos videos
(Apart from the top secret videos) you can view a large number of Quidos YouTube Chanel  HERE 


H2020 European Fund for research
De Quidos explainer videos reach a large public and are multicultural (here 23 versions)
other videos H2020

Agroecology explained to children....parents can watch
by Philippe Lambert 
A Quidos video, optimistic and largely shared on Facebook
7,1K shares 311K views (in general + 1M views)

[Vidéo officielle Green EFA]

ULB and The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013 (Boson)
Quidos explainers are often used for ULB. 
QUIDOS Channel ULB (Free University of Brussels)

UCL explainer video to explain the discovery of CNOX
Quidos explainers are also on TV
[ official video ] and press release

Quidos explaining cycling roads
[Vidéo officielle BRABANT WALLON ] more video

Caroline Roose GREEN EFA

More than 80% of fish populations in the Mediteranean Sea are overexploited and nearly 40% in the Atlantic Ocean.


Want us to make a Quidos for you?

Excellent idea!


Quidos videos just work better

- Why? Until now we didn’t find any scientific explanation (and we don't care) but speaking with visuals catches more easily the attention.
That’s our experience when we see the statistics of the views and the number of shared videos.

It’s a shortcut.
- Our animations are entirely made by one artist (François)
who makes the script and comes up with an idea. The script is presented by the person who imagined it

It’s ‘low cost’ 
Fewer people are involved compared to a "normal" video production. As a result, a lot more people have access to the realization of a video. NGO, education, science, all kinds of organizations, crowdfunding, municipalities, regional organizations, health ... (In some cases funding can support 50% of the project).

A ’typical’ Quidos animation is 5-day work on a timesheet, spread over a month.

How it
works ?

  1. - D1 briefing/ brain storming

    You have prepared all elements and we are committed to translating this into Quidos language with our brand new perspective. Because after all, that’s why you came to us.
  2. - D2 scripwriting (text and drawings)

    We find the inspiration in the woods, in bars, sketchpad at hand, eyes directed towards the sky ;-)
  3. - D3 presentation of the script

    It’s THE moment: it must strike and also show exactly what has to be said, smart and simple.
    If necessary, we tear everything up and start allover again, back to D2. But in practice we notice that things are going really smoothly.
  4. - D4 Atelier d'artiste

    Drawings, sending approved text to the voice actor. Drawings, Film, Editing, SFX.
  5. - D5 presentation

    Applause! And a day of retake is provided for fine-tuning and in the event that more needs to be adjusted and modified..

My happy clients

Quidos stands for more than 100 videos for many different customers, large and small, national and international.

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